YOUmedia - ChiTeen Lit Fest Branding Team Web Development and Graphic Design Mentor Position

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ChiTeen Lit Fest Branding Team -  Web Development and Graphic Design Mentor Position Chicago Public Library’s YOUmedia

Position Description

The mentors for the ChiTeen Lit Fest Branding Team will teach and facilitate engaging workshops and production sessions around art, marketing, design (graphic, web, app, and media) for the purposes of creating the marketing and branding materials for the Chicago Teen Lit Fest scheduled for April 2019. The mentor will work collaboratively with Chicago Public Library Lead Project Staff.


We are looking for a Web Development and Graphic Design mentor.


This position requires a high level of teamwork, responsibility, communication, flexibility, collaboration, and capacity for youth mentorship and customer focus as well as the ability to positively and appropriately interact with youth, adults, and the general public. A strong skill level in art, marketing, and/or design is important.



  • Must commit to a flexible schedule of 10 hours per week including Tuesday evening and Saturday afternoon workshops  and monthly CPL marketing meetings

  • Create and maintain a supportive environment that is conducive to skill development and adolescent development based on teen-interests and peer and inter-generational collaboration

  • Guide youth selected through ASM for the ChiTeen Lit Fest Teen Branding Team

  • Develop and modify flexible curriculum that engages and sustains teens in artifact and content creation while developing skills, and adhering to project and production timelines

  • Instruct the project and skill-based workshop for 2 days per week for 3 hours per workshop in the area of art, design, web, and media creation for the specific purpose of production of marketing and promotional materials (print and web) for the festival

  • Assess student skills and development

  • Communicate and collaborate with administrative staff and the Chicago Public Library Marketing Department

  • Perform basic and routine technical maintenance when needed; properly set up, store, and return equipment

  • Contribute to daily record and statistics keeping

  • Participate in project evaluation meetings and sessions, and contribute regular reflections regarding project progress

Skills & Qualifications: 


  • A discipline-related degree in arts, digital media, multimedia, web design, or a related discipline; prior relevant experience may serve as a substitute for the degree requirement



  • 2 years of teaching experience including curriculum development of project-based or skill-building classes, programs or workshops for middle school or high school youth

  • Demonstrated competency and experience in using best practices to create learner-centered curriculum, while teaching and assessing student work in at least one of our desired programmatic areas (digital media, art, and making).

  • The ability to develop and modify curriculum that is flexible and open enough to engage teens on a level of personal interest while encouraging both collaborative and independent work

  • Experience with the following software as it relates to your area of specialty: Photoshop; Illustrator; GarageBand; iMovie; Wordpress

  • Familiarity with both PC and Mac computers; basic knowledge of computer functions including MS Office products, email, and Internet; regular, personal use of computers and web technologies

  • Ability to operate a variety of site-specific equipment including but not limited to desktop and laptop computers (PC and Mac), printers, iPads or other tablets, DSLR cameras and other photography and video making equipment, music-making tools and software.



  • Solid interpersonal and communication skills for providing customer service to adolescents and interacting with staff across an organization

  • Willingness to take direction and work collaboratively as part of a team in a fast-paced, and service-oriented environment

  • Demonstrated ability to work independently and manage time and tasks while meeting deadlines

  • Previous leadership experiences, and/or other work related experience highly desirable

  • Comfortable with public speaking

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills


Salary: $25 per hour

Hours: Up to 10 hours per week from:

  • June 2018 - June 2019

To Apply: 

Location: Chicago Public Library: Harold Washington Library Center

To apply please email cover letter, resume, and 2 professional references to by June 1, 2018.

Note: Hired candidate will need to submit to a fingerprint and background check. The start of the position will be dependent on fingerprint and background check clearance.

Contact Information
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Eric Reyes
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